Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is what my face looks like during finals week.. yeah pretty dang cute huh. I am so ready for school to be out its not even funny. Also, I decided that its okay if I get a B in a class or two. Don't freak out mom. But hey! No one is perfect! And even though normally I would say B stands for "bad", I've had a change of heart. B now stands for hmm "balanced". why you ask? wellllll let me tell you. Instead of being a school/work freak I am making an effort to balance my life to have social time as well. It's pretty flipping fantastic if I do say so myself. Anywho, here's to finals week!! And if your face looks like mine. Don't you worry. You aren't alone.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Дорогие Bloggers, что вверх. небо? То что я думал. I' m как раз идя сказать вас совсем прямо вверх по как он. Я Алекс Adams. Я белокур и в 5 ног 6. Я танцую. Да то право я трястию мое bootay. Я люблю смеяться над с моим другом Chloe и сделаться столбами в различных языках. Если вы будете моим другом, то я буду черенок блога вы. О'кей здесь мы идем в английское теперь:

Okay so most of you are friends with some Russian chick. anddd.. that's not me. So you should probably delete her in the fear that she will get the Russian government to kidnap you and torture all your poor Blogger souls. So if you cant read Russian here we go in English... Dear Bloggers, what is up. the sky? Thats what I thought. I'm just going to tell you all straight up how it is. I am Alex Adams. I am blonde and five foot six. I dance. Yes thats right I shake my bootay. I like to laugh with my friend Chloe and make posts in different languages. If you become my friend I will blog stalk you.