Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Long Sweet Summer...

This post is about my summer. Long story short, I was in California with family and friends for most of it, and it was AWESOME. Just a warning... this post is lengthy so I tried to keep it short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

This is me and my sweet family after doing baptisms in the Sacramento Temple.

We finally got to see my Grandma and Grandpa on their mission and what they do and where they are working. They are so fun!

I stole my Grandpa Pete's shoes to wear outside, I modeled his sneakers and he pointed his toe. Just proof of how fun he is. I love him dearly, even when he teases me.

We went to the Sequioa National Forest and saw some B.A.T.'s. Big A Trees. This happens to be the largest one in the world. Erika and I modeled it "The Price is Right" style.

We drove through a tree too. That doesn't happen everyday.

We journeyed on to San Francisco where we saw Geeardello's square, as my Grandpa calls it.(Ghirardelli Square) and drove under the Golden Gate Bridge! This is us doing the classic leg pop. So great.

Oh and we just HAD to stop at Boudin Bistro for lunch. It is the best sourdough you can get ANYWHERE. And they make it in fun sea creature shapes for display :)

After seeing my grandparents in Sacramento, we drove through Stockton which is Elder Tyler Pete's mission but was not able to see him... darn it. But I know he was hard at work. We then came here to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle! (I was so happy about this because this was definitely something on my bucketlist!) Here we are in front of the Neptune pool.

We took strolls down the San Simeon beach right by our hotel. It was perfection!! (aren't we cute!!?? we think so)

After California with my family, we went camping at Big Lake, Arizona. I am convinced it's the most beautiful place on Earth. This is a picture of sisterly lovin' in the wilderness.

OH LOOK! I'm in California again!

We had fun at the beach in Huntington and Laguna!!

We had some adventures in LA and ended up having dinner at this awesome restaurant. Two words.. mechanical bull.

I also experienced sweet potatoe fries in an oh so delicious marshmellow dipping sauce. YEAH.

We also saw some funny things. Viva SB1070!

I had my very first beach bon fire with Hannah's sister, Aimee, and her family. Which, by the way, she let us stay in her home, she fed us the most amazing food all week, and introduced me to my new favorite card game.

And to top it all off, we saw the weinermobile on the way home. WHAT A SUCCESSFUL TRIP!!

Now, I am back to school and although I am working all the time and dancing my butt off... I love it. But I will admit that I listened to "So Long Sweet Summer" by Dashboard and cried a little before school started. But now I am teaching and dancing again, I feel alot happier. It is my antidepressant :) So bring it on sophomore year!!