Friday, October 8, 2010

newwww car!

I have officially bought my first car! BE EXCITED! because I am!!! It is a little VW Jetta and its awesome. It's a girl... her name is Josie. And she has a manual transmission. Yes, I now drive stick. It is so FUN! ...long story short. I LOVE my car!!

Some of you might be thinking, "WHAT ABOUT BUSTER!??" If you don't know him he is the '75 pick-up I used to drive. Although he is in poor condition with his insides he still looks great on the outside. Once, he is fixed he will be driven on short jaunts on weekends. And pretty soon my seester, Erika, will drive him. So don't you worry, he will get some lovin'. And he has a new friend... JOSIE!!!This is us chillin in my driveway. Don't we look fun! 'cause we are!

Thats all :)