Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Tis the Season

THIS is my most favorite time of year. Why you ask?? Because you get to dress up (and act like a complete goober), stuff your face (and be thankful), and open fun presents! (and celebrate the birth of Christ of course). It is just awesome. Have you noticed that this time of year even has a different smell outside?? Because it does!! I love the smell of fall/winter (these seasons are the same in AZ). Also there are lots of fun things to do outside because its not so bloody hot anymore!! so here are some fun things I've been up to this semester...

I went to the state fair with my best friend, whale mate, and sister, Keri. Behind us... the exact stage we used to dance and perform every year. The last time we danced here was 7 years ago. Tender moments walking by that stage...

Bowling night with my Jana and Jeremiah!! Always fun. Bowling and fun people. Doesn't get any better than that.

Christiaan and I had the best costumes EVER this year! He was riding a horse and I was riding and ostrich. We went trick-or-treating at one house... Nana Sue's. And Keri, Craig, and Kaitlyn came over to eat chili and corn bread and to play games!! So fun!

Went to San Tan Flats with the funnest people in town. Can you tell we're best friends?? Cause we are :)

My dance recital was successful even though I was sick through the whole thing. The hard work paid off for suuuure..

And lastly, a bit of good news.. I am 3/4 finished with my associates degree in fine arts/dance!! YESSSSS!!!! that is all!