Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spontaneity Rocks

So once upon a time it was my birthday and my fabulous friends took me to get some frozen custard. And we somehow came to the conclusion a Six Flags trip should happen. A little after two weeks later… yup, we were running around six flags like hooligans in monopoly shirts that said “go to jail”. And yes we did get many a compliment on out on our totally thug-like matchingness. That day was epic, really it was. I had never been to Six Flags before and now I am totally addicted. Favorite rides include: Viper, X2, Goliath, Scream, and Tatsu(even though I got crazy sick on it, but we won’t tell that part of the story). Let’s just say a luscious dinner at Souplantation cured me.

Then we started our drive down to La Jolla to Christiaan’s aunt and uncle’s house. I’ve never seen someone falling asleep and freaking out at the same time on a car ride. Haha Chloe managed to do that. One moment she would be fighting to stay awake with Lucas, bless her heart, but could barely keep her eyes open, the next she would be out like a light, and then all the sudden she would wake up freaking out saying, “Lucas! It’s not a race to see who’s first, it’s a race to see who’s alive!!” Haha poor Chloe was exhausted along with the rest of us, but Lucas got us there safely as usual.

The house was BEAUTIFUL!! The girls got to stay in the basement and the guys in the upstairs apartment. We were in heaven after an almost restless night and day of running around the theme park. We slept like rocks. There may or may not have been a problem with the toilet and a misunderstanding with the guys waking the girls up for church buuut… we won’t reveal that at this time (cough cough). Visits to the San Diego temple and La Jolla Cove were much needed before we headed home. The weather was PERFECT, the temple was stunning as always, and the beach was nude. Okay maybe it wasn’t but Tyler almost was!! Haha yeppp he did it. He ran into the ocean in his boxers though the weather was cold and windy. That kid’s got GUTS.

The drive home was a foggy one that included many Cheez-its, Pretzels, Bugles, Kit kats, York patties, Oatmeal cookies, Butterfingers, and CapriSuns. A stop at Lucas’s sisters house in Yuma was very delightful. At which we were fed Hawaiian haystacks and cheese cake. And she sent us on our merry way with bellies full and smiling faces. Three hours later and we were home. Our bonding time and memories will never be forgotten. It was without a doubt an out of this world road trip.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess who's 19

So yesterday was my birthday. And I had to be at school... Haha anyways, it was yet another fantastic birthday. I went to the fabulous Kona Grill with my family for dinner. Somehow it doesn't get any better than alvocado egg rolls with sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, and a honey-cilantro dipping sauce for an appetizer. ANNNNDDD succulent macadamia nut chicken with white cheddar mashed potatoes and wok-tossed vegetables, served with shoyu-cream sauce and a pineapple papaya marmalade for the main dish. Yup, I LOVE food. Then, some amazing friends of mine set up a fun get together at Nielsen's frozen custard. WHAT A NIGHT!! I also recieved some great gifts from my friends and family. A new camera included. I am sooo lucky. My new camera is straight up ridiculous. The new Samsung TL220... its legit. So that is the summary of my fantabulous 19th birthday. So thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and great memories. Here's to the last year of being a teenager!!!