Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Have A Theory

So this is my theory... read closely this could get confusing. Color is a weird thing. Some of you are probably saying, "what is Alex smoking...peyote??" but really think about it. White is the absence of color, black is every color. And when you look at things you are actually seeing the one color that isn't there. And really nothing is actually colored, it is just the color that reflects off whatever object you are looking at. Trippy!! And also, when you are a kid, you learn your colors right? Well my theory is that everyone's eyes are different. So what if we see colors differently?? So one person's green could be another's purple. But they both call it green because that's what they were taught as kids. And one person's yellow could be another person's pink. But again, they both call it yellow because that is all they've ever known. Hey it's possible!! So ponder that one eh?

All of these thoughts came about in my dance production class when my instructor was talking about lighting a stage for different moods of dances. He drew a color wheel on the board and was talking about which colors make what, and what colors are opposites of each other. Then, he proceeded to tell us that red and green make yellow. Um no. That makes brown. Hopefully he intended to say blue and yellow make green, because yellow is a primary color. You can't just make that one. Here's a color wheel to prove my point.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Feel Weird.

I am going to be 20 tomorrow. I feel oooold. No longer will I say the word "teen" when talking about my age. wowwww...