Monday, February 27, 2012

Mission Preparations

So I think the news is pretty much out to the world... I got my mission call! I will be serving in the New York Rochester Mission and the Hill Cumorah Visitors' Center. I could not be happier with where the Lord has called me to go. I feel so honored and blessed to be able to serve in the place where the Resoration of the Church began. I have four weeks until I report to the MTC on April 4th. Crazy. Preparations are going well, thanks to my mom. She is on top of things getting all the outfits and shoes and matierials I will need. For my birthday my parents and grandparents all gave me mission materials so I am all set! I am so blessed with a wonderful family who supports me and loves me. I am also so thankful to my friends. I have so many RM friends who are now home! It has been so fun! They quiz me on mission rules and have been giving me advice on how to teach investigators. They have been such a help, and I am grateful for them. Here is a fun story about my BEST friend, co-worker, seester, whalemate, and partner in crime. While my mom and I were shopping for mission clothes. I came across a jumpsuit romper type thing. For years I have been OBSESSED with one piece clothing. Especially dance attire. I picked it up and thought out loud, "I have to have this!" My mom said, "Well we can't get you one, and not Keri... you two have so many dance outfits that match!" (Not to mention our first matching jumpsuits we got- ugliest things on the planet- but make for a good laugh and comfy jammies.) So we bought them. One for me, one for Keri. And we used them. OH yes we used them. Our girls thought it was hilarious we matched but we loved it. Here are some photos of the hottest thing that's happened to the Dance Barn.

We have wayyyyy too much fun at work.

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